Erstellung filmischer Inhalte mit Kinigra Deon

Kinigra, a successful YouTuber with over 3.7 million subscribers, discusses the growth and success of her channel in a recent interview. She highlights the 76% increase in watchtime on TV, indicating that their high production content is resonating with viewers. Initially, the quality was not up to par, but after hiring experienced videographers, they were able to create content that people want to watch on their TVs.

YouTube’s CEO recently emphasized that creators should be recognized as next generation studios. Kinigra agrees with this statement and points out that while there are similarities between traditional television studios and YouTube channels, there are also differences. Both have pre-production and post-production processes, but YouTube channels tend to work faster and with fewer people. Kinigra and her husband are heavily involved in pre-production, coming up with ideas and ordering props, but they are also training others to take on these tasks. They have a cast of actors and a small crew to assist with filming, and then send the footage to an editing team for final touches.

Despite the high production value and top-notch storytelling found on YouTube channels like Kinigra’s, digital creators still struggle to be seen as legitimate creatives by the entertainment industry. Kinigra believes this perception is changing, however. In the past, YouTube sketches were low production and focused on going viral rather than showcasing true creativity. But now, YouTubers invest in professional cameras and studios, creating high-quality content that builds a dedicated fan base. They also have a personal relationship with their audience and know how to gain popularity and sell to them. As a result, Kinigra believes that digital creators are gaining recognition as legitimate creatives.

Overall, Kinigra’s insights provide valuable perspective on the growth and evolution of YouTube channels as next generation studios, highlighting the dedication and creativity of digital creators in producing high-quality content for their audiences.